Exploring Different Types of Sleepers: Are You a Night Owl or an Early Bird?

Posted by Darian Dozier on Mar 15, 2024 5:53:00 PM

Have you ever wondered why some people are full of energy and ready to conquer the world at the crack of dawn, while others thrive during the quiet hours of the night? The answer lies in our individual sleep preferences and patterns. In this blog post, we will delve into the fascinating world of sleep types, exploring the characteristics of night owls and early birds. By understanding these distinct sleep patterns, you can gain insights into your own preferences and optimize your sleep for better overall well-being.

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How to Become a Morning Person

Posted by Darian Dozier on Sep 20, 2023 3:41:00 PM

The schedule of most obligations - work, school, kids, etc. - is not conducive towards those who enjoy sleeping in. Therefore, you may be motivated to turn yourself into a morning bird. You may have also heard that it's impossible to flip your chronotype, you are what you are. This may not be entirely true. Although your body has specific times that it likes to got to sleep and wake up, there are adjustments that you can make to help your body get accustomed to an earlier time. Continue reading to learn tips for how to turn yourself into a morning bird

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How Time-Restricted Eating Helps with Sleep

Posted by Darian Dozier on Jun 20, 2022 6:45:00 PM

A popular method for losing weight is called intermittent fasting. This is known as time restricted eating and has proved to be a very effective method for weight loss. It involves limiting your eating between certain hours that way your body goes into a state of fasting. Intermittent fasting is fantastic for blood sugar control and burning fat.

But did you also know that intermittent fasting has benefits for sleeping? if you are thinking about intermittent fasting or have done it before and it's important to understand or have a better idea of all the benefits that can come with it. Continue reading to find out how intermittent fasting can positively impact your sleep health.

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What your Chronotype is and How to Find it

Posted by Darian Dozier on Jun 13, 2022 6:37:00 PM

One of the main reasons that you may have trouble getting a good night's rest is because you are not sleeping according to your chronotype. Your chronotype is your body's natural schedule for sleep and productivity. Many traditional schedules do not accommodate all chronotypes, so it can be very difficult to adhere to a schedule that best fits yours. But once you figure out what yours is then you can at least begin to create a sleep schedule that works best for you.

Trying to sleep outside of your  chronotype can decrease sleep quality and quantity because your body is not ready to go to sleep or to wake up. This can cause a lot of issues with falling asleep and staying asleep. Here's more information on how to find your chronotype and get great rest.

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