How to Choose a Mattress

Posted by Darian Dozier on Mar 14, 2022 4:33:00 AM

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Choosing a mattress is very important for ensuring you get a good night's sleep. However, it can be so intimidating, and the last thing you want to do is make an expensive mistake. Here is a short guide of some things to consider when looking at how to choose a mattress.  

How to Choose a Mattress Size 

First things first, you must choose the right sized mattress for you. There are a variety of sizes, and it's important to choose one that fits you, and if applicable, your partner/family. You want to make sure that you all have plenty of space as it can be very uncomfortable to share a small space with another body(ies). 

There are six different mattress sizes available from most manufacturers. There are two major categories to consider, beds suited for multiple people, and beds best fit for single sleepers. Below is a graphic to help you better visualize the best size for you. 


Best for Couples and Families 

Queen, king, and California king are all large enough to comfortable sleep multiple people. The big consideration with these is how much extra space do you want and how well they'll fit in your bedroom. An important part of creating an optimal sleep environment is making sure the room doesn't feel small and cluttered. A too large bed can shrink how much extra space you have, making you feel a little cramped. 

California king beds are best for taller couples who share a bed with a pet. There is extra length and plenty of space for those who share the foot of their beds with pets. However, the issue with them is it can be difficult to find accessories and it's very expensive, as well as difficult to move. 

King beds are perfect for couples who prefer maximum space and/or couples sharing a bed with child. The benefit is maximum width for families who share bed with small children and there are plenty of accessories to make the bed fit best for you. The drawback with king beds is they are more expensive and can make smaller rooms feel cramped. They, too, are also difficult to move. 

Queen beds are perfect for couples without children or pets sharing the bed. They are the most common mattress size, optimizing the number of accessory options available with great affordability. Also they are much easier to move than the larger bed. The drawbacks to these are they have less space than the King beds and can feel cramped for couples sharing the bed with children. 

All beds have some give and take so decide what is most important for you, and your partner, and go from there. If it's affordability, bedroom space, and versatility in design, then a queen is probably for you. If you prioritize space of everything else, including cost, then one of the king options may be the best fit. 

Beds for Single Sleepers 

The sizes for single sleepers are full, twin XL, and twin. A full could sleep a couple, but it will be tight. 

Full beds sleep single adults under 6 feet tall. It's pretty spacious for single adults, affordable and versatile (best used for a guest bedroom or a couple in a small space). The con of these beds are they are close in price to queen beds with much less space, and can be cramped for those over six feet tall. 

Twin XL beds are best for single adults over 6 feet tall and teens. There is great legroom for taller people and room for single people to share a bed with their pets. Unfortunately, accessories can be harder to find/more expensive and it is not suited for couples. 

Twin beds are great for single adults under 6 feet tall, children and teens. They are very common in college dorms as they maximize the amount of space in such close quarters. They are very affordable with a wide availability of accessories and bed frames. They are not suited for couples, however, and can be outgrown. 

Deciding Factors 

The reason choosing the right mattress is so important is because sleep is vital for our health and well-being. Mattresses are large parts of our sleeping environment and comfort plays a role in our quality of sleep. If you are uncomfortable in your bed - financially, space wise, design, etc. - then you are risking your quality of sleep. Adults need, on average, 7-9 hours of good quality sleep. So, if you're able to spend that amount of time in bed, then it should be worth it. 

When decided which mattress is right for you, there are a few considerations that may help you limit your choices. 

The number of people sleeping in the bed is important. Include everyone that normally sleeps together, including pets and small children. Couples most likely want a queen and those that share the bed with children will most likely want a king. 

Your height and sleep position are also determining factors. Those under 6 feet tall will have enough legroom with any mattress, but those over 6 feet will want to conder a bed with at least 80 inches of length (twin XL, queen, king, and California king). Back and stomach sleepers rest fully extended, so need more legroom than side sleepers. 

Bedroom size will also determine the size mattress because it has to fit. It's ideal to have about 24 inches of space around each side of your bed. So, make sure to measure out the approximate measure of your new bed before purchasing it to see how it will fit in your room. You can put tape on the floor for a good estimate. 

When you buy a mattress, it can be expensive, so whatever it is, you should make sure it lasts a long time. Therefore, you want it to be able to fit many phases of life. If you're being a bed for a small child, it may be worth it to buy a size up so they can grow into it for a while. If you're buying a bed as a single person, then also consider buying a size up to accommodate future partners/pets. 

Cost and value are two things you want to be cognizant of as mattress can range anywhere from $200 to over $3000. It's not recommended to cut corners to save money on a new mattress, but it is important to think of the cost of accessorizing it. Less common sizes will have more expensive accessories than popular sizes. 

If you're having sleep problems that go beyond choosing the right mattress, then it may be time to talk to a professional. Click the orange button below to take a free online sleep test and get connected with one of our sleep physicians. 

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