Why No One Sleep with their Windows Open (Even though they Should)

Posted by Darian Dozier on Jun 23, 2023 12:18:00 PM

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A recent study found that sleeping with the window open actually improves our sleep. However, over half of adults in the U.S. sleep with their bedroom windows closed. The reason that sleeping with the window open can be so beneficial, is that it can improve the quality of the air that we breathe. The long-term effect of this is longer-lasting sleep. Continue reading to learn why sleeping with the window open is so important, and what may be some of the reasons that you are not doing it.   

How helpful is fresh air really? 

The main benefit that sleeping with the window open brings is fresh air. This is because it helps clean our lungs, increase oxygen levels and keep our respiratory systems running smoothly. When it comes to the bedroom, this fresh air can actually help people think more clearly the next day and has helped those who sleep in care facilities

Part of this is due to the role of carbon dioxide. We breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. Breathing in carbon dioxide is not as beneficial as breathing in oxygen. Sleeping with the window open helps to reduce the carbon dioxide concentration, which can help people sleep better. 

For those who do sleep with the window open, some of them stated they do it because of air circulation. Other said they do it for temperature regulation, which helped them get improved sleep. Sleeping with a closed window can also give some a claustrophobic feeling. 

Why people keep their windows closed

Fresh air seems to have quite a few benefits, along with the fact that it is free. So why aren't more people taking advantage of it? This is primarily due to security concerns, room temperature and noise. 

The type of dwelling really has an impact on these factors. Over half of the respondents who lived in a single-family home slept with the window closed. Those who sleep on the ground floor also keep their windows closed (59%), mostly citing security concerns as the reason. 

Those who sleep with the window closed are also more likely to sleep with the window closed, and vice versa. Sleeping with the doors open does have a similar effect of improving air circulation within a home.

Some reasons that people sleep with the door closed is because of privacy, habit, or the thought that they get better sleep. Noise was another factor that influenced whether or not people slept with the door open. A quiet and dark sleeping environment is essential for getting good sleep. If there are any disturbances to this, then that can cause a problem with people being able to fall and stay asleep.

The best reason to not sleep with the door open is fire safety, as some of the respondents chose. Sleeping with the door close can stop the spread of fire and smoke, while also creating an environment without oxygen that can reduce the volume of the fire.  

The most important takeaway from this research is the effect that fresh air can have on your sleep. The best way to get fresh air is to sleep with the window open. The second way that can slo help with circulation is to sleep with the door open. Sleeping in cold climates or safer neighborhoods makes this a bit easier. But, if you can find a way to even crack the window open, you may notice an improvement in your ability to breathe and how you feel in the morning. 

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