The Link Between Sleep and Testosterone

Posted by Tyler Britton on Aug 9, 2019 8:49:36 AM

How Sleep Deprivation Affects Sex

Sleep deprivation can greatly affect a male’s sexual drive. Specifically, it can quickly resolve in Erectile Dysfunction (ED). The fact that sleep deprivation can cause ED is usually quite shocking, and may be good news for men who are suffering with ED but don’t know why.

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Poor Sleep and Low Testosterone

Posted by Tyler Britton on Nov 21, 2018 3:20:25 PM


If sleep is being sacrificed on a consistent basis, it's common knowledge that the individual is likely suffering from weariness and reduced alertness. Extreme fatigue may also lead to irritability, depression, headaches, loss of appetite, and the development of more serious health issues. However, many don't speculate that their lack of sleep may be resulting in lacking testosterone. In fact, new studies show that poor sleep may be directly linked to lowered levels of testosterone in men.

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