Should I Travel With My CPAP Machine?

Posted by Tyler Britton on Nov 18, 2018 8:38:08 PM

Is traveling with a portable CPAP right for you

Should You Travel With Your CPAP Device?

Traveling is often a hassle, and your CPAP device takes up space. Additionally, people with CPAP devices may wonder if they even can travel with their CPAP device. Because of this, people with sleep apnea can be a bit...neglectful in being diligent about traveling with their CPAP device. None the less, it remains important to wear your CPAP every night.

So, can you travel with your CPAP device? Yes. Should you travel with your CPAP device? Most definitely. Here's some useful information to know about traveling with your CPAP device.

Tips for Traveling With Your CPAP Device

1 - Get a CPAP bag and label it. 

Though this one is obvious, and though CPAP devices come with one, make sure you use it while traveling. In other words, having your CPAP machine loosely stored in your checked or carry-on bag is a good way to damage it or lose pieces. Also, label your CPAP bag so it is clear what's in it.

2 - Put your CPAP device in the bag you are checking

TSA recommends putting your CPAP inside your checked bag. It reduces the possibilities of accidentally losing it or damaging it, and is one less thing you have to carry around.

3 - CPAP machines don't count toward carry-on limit if you want to carry-on your CPAP

CPAP machines count as medical devices, which means you can carry it on with the rest of your carry-ons. If you carry it on in its own bag, consider putting it in a plastic bag to ensure that it remains clean. 

4 - Travel with a light-weight CPAP machine

CPAP machines can be bulky and heavy. If you travel often, consult with your medical practitioner or sleep specialist about obtaining a travel-friendly CPAP device. 

5 - Set up your CPAP machine when you arrive at your destination

Another good tip to ensure that you use your CPAP machine while traveling is to set it up first thing when you arrive at your destination. That way, you don't have reasons to not wear it at the end of the day when you are tired. 

6 - Bring a backup battery pack

This will ensure that no matter what unexpected circumstance you end up in, such as being stuck at the airport or without power, you will be able to use your CPAP machine. 

7 - Bring your CPAP prescription

You  probably won't need it, but it's a good thing to have on it in case TSA has questions or wants verification. 

FAQ for Traveling With Your CPAP Machine

Traveling with a portable CPAP is limitless

Can you carry-on your CPAP machine?

Yes, you can carry-on your CPAP device. You can include your CPAP device in a bag you are carrying on. You can also keep it in its own bag and it will NOT count towards your carry-on limit. 

Should you use your CPAP device while flying?

This question largely depends on a couple of factors. How long will you be in flight? Does your seat have a power option? Will passengers around you be bothered by CPAP noise? 

These are all questions you consult with your airline and sleep specialist or healthcare provider about - but they are definitely worth considering before you fly. 

What if my CPAP machine is inspected by TSA?

Your CPAP machine may be hand inspected by TSA. If this happens, no problem. TSA sees many CPAP machines pass through security every day. It would probably be a good idea to ask the TSA agent to put on a new (clean) pair of gloves.

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